New Hyundai Sonata Car Prices In Bangladesh

New Hyundai Sonata Car Prices In Bangladesh

Hyundai has been making waves in the automotive industry with its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology. The latest addition to their lineup, the Hyundai Sonata, has been creating quite a buzz, especially in the ever-growing car market of Bangladesh. In this article, we will delve into the new Hyundai Sonata and its prices in Bangladesh.

New Hyundai Sonata Car Prices In Bangladesh


Introducing the New Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is a midsize sedan that has received a complete makeover in its 2021 model. Boasting a sleek and sporty design, the new Sonata is a head-turner on the road. The exterior features a bold front grille, striking LED headlights, and a coupe-like silhouette that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Under the hood, the new Sonata offers a range of powertrains, including a fuel-efficient hybrid option. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating driving experience or eco-friendly performance, the Sonata has something for everyone.

Hyundai Sonata Prices in Bangladesh

As the demand for quality automobiles continues to rise in Bangladesh, the introduction of the new Hyundai Sonata has garnered significant attention from car enthusiasts and industry experts alike. The prices for the Hyundai Sonata in Bangladesh vary based on the trim level and optional features.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the starting prices of the Hyundai Sonata models available in Bangladesh:

Model Price Range (BDT)
Sonata SE ৳30,00,000 – ৳35,00,000
Sonata SEL ৳36,00,000 – ৳40,00,000
Sonata N Line ৳42,00,000 – ৳45,00,000
Sonata Hybrid ৳38,00,000 – ৳42,00,000

It’s important to note that these prices are indicative and may vary based on dealership location, optional add-ons, and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Why Choose the New Hyundai Sonata?

With its combination of style, performance, and affordability, the new Hyundai Sonata presents a compelling option for car buyers in Bangladesh. Here are some key reasons why the Sonata stands out in the crowded midsize sedan segment:

  • Sleek and Modern Design: The Sonata’s striking exterior design and upscale interior make it a standout in its class.
  • Advanced Technology: From its intuitive infotainment system to advanced safety features, the Sonata is equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance the driving experience.
  • Range of Powertrains: Whether you prioritize fuel efficiency or spirited performance, the Sonata’s diverse powertrain options cater to a wide range of driving preferences.
  • Value for Money: The competitive pricing of the Sonata, coupled with its generous features, makes it a compelling choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions Of New Hyundai Sonata Car Prices In Bangladesh

What Are The Different Variants Available For Hyundai Sonata In Bangladesh?

The Hyundai Sonata is available in multiple variants including the base model, mid-level trim, and top-tier version, catering to various preferences and budgets.

What Are The Key Features And Specifications Of The New Hyundai Sonata?

The new Hyundai Sonata in Bangladesh comes with advanced features such as a spacious interior, powerful engine options, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art safety features, ensuring a comfortable and secure driving experience for users.

How Does The Hyundai Sonata Compare To Other Cars In Its Segment?

The Hyundai Sonata offers a competitive edge over other cars in its segment with its sleek design, fuel-efficient engine, dynamic performance, and a wide range of features, making it a compelling choice for car buyers in Bangladesh.

What Are The Financing Options Available For Purchasing The Hyundai Sonata In Bangladesh?

Prospective buyers can explore flexible financing options such as low-interest rates, down payment assistance, and customized loan packages when purchasing the Hyundai Sonata, providing them with convenient and affordable ownership solutions.


The new Hyundai Sonata checks all the boxes for car buyers seeking a blend of style, performance, and affordability. With its eye-catching design, advanced technology, and competitive pricing, the Sonata is poised to make a significant impact in the automotive market of Bangladesh. If you’re in the market for a midsize sedan that offers a perfect balance of form and function, the new Hyundai Sonata deserves a spot at the top of your list.


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